Image: Freeway Park , Seattle, Lawrence Halprin, 1976 (Photo by Evan Chakroff, Flickr)

Here are some links, images and videos on Brutalism.

Fuck Yeah Brutalism tumblr

Concrete Britain/St. Peter’s Seminary (filmed before and after, side by side). This building was completed in 1966. It was abandoned in 1989. It was only used for 23 years before being abandoned. The building is only 49 years old.

BBC Report on St. Peter’s Seminary

Video Drone Tour Inside St. Peter’s Seminary

Generally, I’ve found more pictures of St. Peter’s Seminary as it was in 1966 when it was completed by doing a search for “St. Peter’s College Cardross 1966”

And for images of its ruination, I just search for “St. Peter’s Seminary Cardross”

The Failed Architecture blog is also a good source of general info on architecture and modernism

High Sunderland, the Studio (former Bernat Klein Studio), Galashiels (Scotland)